Notice of technologies being phased out:

Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are being phased out of our systems and we cannot guarantee availability of our systems using these technologies. As such, you should test your application's HTTP library against the URL and make sure the tls_version is TLS 1.2. If it is not, you should configure the library until it does, or write your application using a different HTTP library. Thank you

Best Practices

Making Test Transactions

Your account is currently hooked up to the mock processor, meaning transactions will not move real money. To process a transaction, you should issue a POST against the /txns endpoint. Click here for a sample.

The best way to handle the transaction processing is to process the transaction and check the `status` field of the response. If the status is Pending or Settled, that means the transaction was successful.

Test Card #’s, you can use to following depending on payment method you'd like to process:

Visa: 4111111111111111
MC: 5454545454545454
Discover: 6011111111111117
Amex: 378282246310005

Any expiration date and CVV code are accepted, as long as the date is in the future and the CVV code is 3 digits for Visa/MC/Disc or 4 digits for Amex.

To trigger declines, we use a value look up table. Simply process a transaction for these dollar amounts, and you will get the response you desire. Please note that partial authorizations, while simulated by the API, are disabled at our live processor and cannot happen in the real world. Also note that in the real world, transactions will go into Pending until they're batched out at midnight, however, the default behavior is to move straight to Settled, so that programmers reporting tools will usually work without the developer having to wait a day.

If you need to do end-to-end reconciling, You will schedule a daily call to a report process that loops through the transactions for the day and matches them up with your system.

Trigger Amounts

Transaction Amount Result
Ends in $.01 Triggers a test decline
Ends in $.02 Leaves a transaction in pending, to be settled every hour divisible by 4 daily. This is a more realistic pattern as this is how transactions behave in the real world.
Equals $44.44 Partial authorization for $22.22. Partial authorizations are impossible based on how your industry is set up so this is just something to steer clear of.
All other amounts Transaction moves directly into settled without pending. Convenient while testing for immediate reporting needs.

Test Magnetic Strip

Copy the below stripe. Click "Swipe Card". CTRL+V to paste in the stripe.




ACH Testing

ACH testing can be done using (8 ones and 1 eight for both routing and account #s)

ABA: 111111118
DDA: 111111118

Starter Code

We have starter code for .NET and PHP that basically constitute a few classes/functions that can successfully process a communication. That might be of value to you if you use one of those languages.